About me

As a Cultural Care local childcare consultant (LCC), I invite our host families and au pairs as well as those considering Cultural Care Au Pair to explore my site and learn about what is going on in our community. I provide year-round support to host families and au pairs, and also talk to families considering the program to help them determine if Cultural Care Au Pair is the right childcare solution for them.

I help families, like yours, find carefully screened childcare, that is excellent, affordable and a personalized fit for your family. Childcare you can trust, like family. As a Childcare Expert, I work nationwide with families, educating them and personally guiding them from their first questions, through the entire process of finding their au pair. I then help families prepare for their au pair’s arrival and teach them how to manage expectations, both theirs and their au pairs. I have served many hundred host families and au pairs over the years, and enjoy putting all of that experience to work for you. (If you know of families who need this kind of help and support, please introduce me or send them the link to this webpage to connect us!)

This is a wonderful childcare option and I thoroughly enjoy knowing and serving my host families and au pairs. I have over 12 years experience working with host families and au pairs so I have lots of information to share with you. I have personally visited many of the 16 countries from which we recruit and understand those cultures. I hope to make your au pair year the best yet!

Now a bit about me:

I was born and raised in the ever so beautiful Black Forest in the South of Germany but yet the “travel bug” bit me early on: I attended 10th Grade at a Waldorf School in England and thereafter had plenty of gigs “au pairing” during my high school Spring and Summer breaks in England and France. I really did get the Au Pair experience from my early teens years onward. This enabled me to learn a lot about cultural differences, collaboration, childcare and cuisine during my High School years.

In the summer of 1992 I left Germany having just graduated High School and I arrived to the Washington D.C, as an Au Pair where I spent a year with 2 American host families. During this year I enjoyed everything the Au Pair experience has to offer, but I also lived through the hard times of a rematch I initiated. It was during those times I decided that LCCs are NECESSARY to help the Au pair experience- I was left to my own demise to sort out my rematch- and it was a horrid experience. I was committed that if I ever have the opportunity to be an LCC, I would become one to help coach host families into success and to not leave anyone hanging. I think I found my calling!

I learned and grew so much- and now I enjoy helping au pairs experience America, mature, learn about American life and develop lifelong friendships. I still foster my friendships from back in my Au Pair year 1/4 of a century ago.

After 12 months,  I returned home to Germany and stated to attend Teacher’s College at the Lake of Constance where once again “the travel bug bit”: I ended up partaking in a College Exchange in Minsk/ White Russia, 1994. Russia was hard on me and I only lasted for 6 months.  The “travel bug bit again”: I studied at the University of Stockholm/ Sweden in 1996 with an ERASMUS scholarship and I traveled all over Scandinavia during this time. It was during the days in Sweden that I read about a Green Card Lottery in a German Newspaper and guess what? I applied for it and was granted my Green Card in 1997! Ultimately I emigrated to the US in 1998 and stated working for the Au Pair Agency I was an Au Pair with. An Agency not as great at CULTURAL CARE AU PAIR- which is why I made the switch to Cultural Care in 2007.

Along the way I raised a blended family in Palo Alto, the very heart of Silicon Valley, with 3 kids, now all in High School and college.  As a mother I have learnt a thing or two as well, which I am happy to incorporate in my LCC life.

Over the years I have volunteered countless hours for PAUSD. I am an “AP” (Advanced Placement) Proctor at Gunn High School and I volunteer at Gunn at least once a week or more. We have a rescue Golden Retriever from the streets of Taipei/Taiwan, named Ida, who is very popular amongst my Au pairs to provide comfort and hugs and who warmly welcomes Au Pairs needing some extra love and support.

I have loved working for Cultural Care because I enjoy helping families change their life: reduce stress, go on date nights, and teach their children about other cultures.

I enjoy the many trips and friendships that I’ve developed from being with Cultural Care – I have been to many Cultural Care events – both in the U.S. and overseas: Australia, Austria, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Botswana (coming in 2018), Brazil (in 2019), Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, South Africa ( April 2018), Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Zambia (April 2018) . These events have trained me to understand the cultures of our au pairs, and how to facilitate an excellent year for both host families and au pairs.

I’ve been honored to be part of the Golden Heart, Silver and Bronze League, ranking in the top of all Cultural Care Coordinators in the US.

YOUR HOST FAMILIE REFERRALS and WONDERFUL REVIEWS have helped me to qualify for this honor- THANK YOU!

Testimonials about LCC Nadja

Jennie D. B, Menlo Park, Host mom to Mikkel (male Au Pair from Denmark)
I’m a single mom, and of course the flexibility and security of another caretaker cannot be understated. The difference with Cultural Care, however, is that my LCC is an invaluable partner as well – Nadja Rosenberg has a true joy in her work, and passion for ensuring families are healthy, happy, and growing through the cultural exchange. The two times I have called headquarters were each to explain what a gem you have in Nadja Rosenberg as LCC. Nadja truly is outstanding – she works so hard, is available 24/7, and always has information and wisdom for my family. Clearly, Nadja has a passion for this exchange program – it’s not just a job for her, she enjoys connecting families. I am constantly telling neighbors and friends that CCAP is truly outstanding, and although I am sure CCAP is a lovely office with great staff, Nadja is such a superstar that she’s the base upon which I make my recommendation.
Nadja sustains and builds Cultural Care’s reputation, and there is nothing stronger than word of mouth from trusted friends happy with the program and care we get from LCCs like Nadja. Nadja is always so quick with very valuable tips, and understands working mom life as well as aupair life – she’s balanced, and will always coach me on how I can do better.
I am incredibly grateful not only for the program, but for the huge difference and incredible support Cultural Care provides. Thank you/Tak/Spaciba/Obrigado…. We are very much looking forward to learning a new way of saying thank you with our next exchange!
Katrin G.-Wooside- Hostmom to Laura from Germany:
Last year I contacted around half a dozen au pair agencies via their website to receive additional information. Your Palo Alto LCC Nadja Rosenberg contacted us immediately via phone and talked us very honestly through all aspects of the program, especially the financial obligations. Because of her we decided to go with CulturalCare. For first time host families a personal contact to help make the decisions is very important. Nadja told and reminded us several times about the application deadlines if we wanted to receive certain discounts, which also helped a lot in making our decision. It felt that she was looking out for us.
Janesta N.- Woodside, Hostmom of Carolin from Germany:
I realized how critical a good LCC is to the family and au pair’s success. We give Nadja Harm a lot of credit for helping us work with our matcher to find our current Au Pair. Nadja has been outstanding and we have very highly valued her assistance in this program. She has prepared us fabulously and keeps close track of how all are doing.
I recommend CCAP all the time, but that is because of Nadja. Because I have a great LCC, I am confident that families I refer will have a good experience. (I am a pediatrician, so I discuss childcare and my experienceswith childcare very frequently in my work, and I have the opportunity to make recommendations for my families that are taken rather seriously. Nadja has really stepped up to the plate in providing great service to families I send to CCAP.)
Suma N.- Mountain View- Hostmom to Ploy from Thailand: “If you are looking for a 5 star Au Pair Counselor, look no further than Nadja Rosenberg. She is with Cultural Care. Even if you do not live in her area, she can help you match with the right Au Pair. Her specialty is matching familties with the right Au Pair. She has alot of experience and it shows. She is thorough and detail-oriented which is great. She helped me find the Thai Au Pair I have now. She takes the time to get to know what you need and what you don’t need in an Au Pair. She has been supportive during the bumps along the way. Her tips and insights have really helped us and our Au Pair work well. She used to be an Au Pair, so she understands what its like.
Jodie S.- Redwood City, Hostmom to Emely from Sweden:
Just over a year ago, someone made a post on PAMP that really changed my life. They recommended Cultural Care Au Pair- and we joined the program. So after a fantastic experience over the past year, I wanted to post a thank you and let other parents know about this great program. Our au pair has become so close to our family, and enjoyed being with us. It is truly a wonderful program, and makes childcare infinitely more affordable. I used to pay $900 a week for a local person available at set times, and now I pay $320 per week for whatever hours I choose. Just call Nadja. She is excellent at coordinating the entire process.
Aya and Zvi E- Redwood City- Hostparents to Yuliya from Ukraine:
Nadja is a true professional. She is very knowledgeable about the program and is always accessible. She does thebest job in making the au pair comfortable and is very attentive to the family’s needs.
The way she conducted our exit interview was remarkable.
We had an outstanding experience working with her and hope that she will stay our Lcc in the future.
Becky P.- Belmont- Hostmom to Silvana from Austria
Nadja has been remarkably helpful as our au pairhas been going through some serious health problems. Nadja has gonebeyond the call of duty in offering to serve as interpreter for our au pair’s German-speaking parents, in case of medical emergency.  She wason standby during our au pair’s medical procedure today. I very much appreciate her professionalism, warmth, and personal interest in us as a host family, and in our au pair.  After having seencountless LCCs come and go over the past 13 years of being a CCAP host
family, I feel I can say with authority that Nadja is among the very best. Nadja seems very organized.  I appreciate the well written, focused emails that she sends out with regularity. Please do what you can to retain her, and see if you can clone her for other regions!  🙂
Christine M.- Palo Alto, Hostmom to Martha from Ukraine:
Nadja Rosenberg is a hard working and excellent LCC. She goes out of her way to help.
Josh L. and Jaffi L.-Palo Alto, Hostparents to Elin from Sweden:
Nadja Rosenberg has been an outstanding local care coordinator. very dedicated, organized, proactive, and knowledgeable.
Jessica and Elliot Y- Portola Valley- Hostparents of  Karla from Columbia:
She has been fantastic and handled the transition of our previous au pair and assimilation for our new au pair with aplomb.
Debbie S.-Palo Alto, Hostmom to Anastasia from Russia:
Nadja is great! We all feel fortunate to have such an outstanding LCC supporting us.
Kate T.- Palo Alto, Hostmom to Perla from Mexico:
Nadja Harm is great!
Danielle W.- Menlo Park, Hostmom to Marte from Norway:
Nadja is wonderful.
Leslie M.- Redwood Shores, Hostmom to Tania from Moldavia and than Janine from Germnay:
Our LCC, Nadja Rosenberg, is excellent. She has provided a great deal of information and support that have made our current and previous au pair relationships a success. She was really there for me when my au pairgot stuck in her home country at the start of her second year, and couldn’t get a visa, which was devastatingfor our family. She helped me to move on and get another excellent au pair.
Linda F.- Atherton, Hostmom to Gissel from Mexico:
We are so glad that we now have Nadja Rosenberg. She isterrific!
Sharif B- Redwood Shores, Hostdad to Sandra from Germany:
Our LCC helped us a lot during the transition. She is mostly available, and very friendly and supportive to boththe au pair and us.
Scott and Adria L.- San Mateo, Hostparents to Irene from Austria:
During our transition period with Irene, you listened to our concerns and worked to find a good solution for both us and Irene.  We had already reached the conclusion that Irene needed to work for a different family andyou told us that you had some of the same concerns that we did, based onyour own interactions with Irene.  We were pleasantly surprised that you didnot propose an additional “working it out” period or otherwise try toconvince us to change our mind.  We were very worried about Irene during thetwo week transition period, but when you told Irene that she needed to be on good behavior for that time if the agency was going to place her withanother family, it really eased our fears about the transition period.
Thanks to your help we were able to part on good terms with Irene. Thank you, Adria and Scott
Gina J.- Palo Alto, Hostmom to Erica from Germany:
Nadja is great!
Carrie P.- Atherton, Hostmom to Robin from Sweden:
Nadja has been great and deserves the highest rating.
Mariana T. and Dror S.- Palo Alto, Hosparents to Paula from Brazil:
Nadja is great! She really keeps things clear and everyone informed.
Melissa H.- San Mateo, Hostmom to Emilie from Sweden:
Nadja is very thoughtful and thorough. She does an excellent job communicating regularly as well as being very knowledgeable on how to handle AP/HF situations. She is an EXCELLENT LCC.
Erin D.-Menlo Park, Hostmom to Mari from Finnland:
Nadja is great.
Harvey and Debbie F.- Menlo Park, Hostparents to Anna from Sweden:
Jennifer Y.-Portola Valley- Hostmom to Meg from Australia:
Nadja is a very strong coordinator.
Amaria A. in Palo Alto,  Au Pair from France, spent 2 full years and Au Pair:
Nadja is kind and caring. She has been a great LCC for me and all the Au Pairs.
Marcel R, Au Pair in Palo Alto form Columbia:
I think she is a good LCC, she is very caring, and i think is very important how she really worry about the Au Pairs, in my case fortunately i didnt need any help, but im sure if that were the case she would help me.i think the company should get more LCCs like her because honestly i have met a lot of cases were the au pair needs help and the LCC do nothing, NOTHING.  sometime is better to call boston than even call some lccs, i say this cause i saw 2 friends sufering cause of that. but najda have a 10 for me ,,she is great.
Christin S. – Au Pair in Palo Alto from Germany:
Nadja is a very helpful person and she is taking her job very seriously. I really appreciate her work especially with regard to the meetings.
She is a really great LCC!!!!!
Jennifer S.- Au Pair in Menlo Park from Germany:
Nadja is a great LCC and she does so much. Every time I call her, she calls me back immediately !!!
I just have to tell you, that you shoule be glad to have someone as Nadja as your LCC.
Nadja was also an Au Pair … so she knows how we feel …
Janine B. from Germany, Au Pair in Atherton:
Nadja is really concerned about any au pair who needs help and as i was in this unhappy situation with my host family family she warmely welcomed me in her family where I stayed for one week.
I made experiences with other LCC´s too and none of them is truely compareable , i can tell.